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 Thanks to the arrangement of a different holiday Sabah trip to us. Let us experience the local taste of Sabah special kind and prudent guide, the driver is also very punctual and compassionate. For this trip to Sabah we are very happy and unforgettable.

 ”Amazing, fast paced, and well organized. Very much exceeded my expectations. .




                                                                                                     Selina & Ling





  This is our first overseas  travel, from the network to found  Journey Cursor, although there are other  travel companies, but the Journey Cursor itinerary information is very detailed, providing different short-term itinerary, we choosed 2 days tour! 1. Kamiyama + Hot Springs + Rainforest  Canopy Walk, This Kinabalu Park is very suitable for those loving nature and enjoy the exotic flowers , in the majestic and sacred Kinabalu Park taken photo, the embrace of nature to enjoy a white slip and fatigue to eliminate the hot springs Bath, boarding  the stimulating fun of  the suspension bridge, along the rare ornamental  rainforest plants, growing knowledge, but also lucky to meet – the 7-day flowering red flowers (Bunga Raya),  Here are very exicited !




                                                                                                        Mourad & Ada Fong




   Survival Island+Proboscis Monkey and Firefly Cruise , There was very fun , snorkeling and playing mud paddle bath and go to mangrove forest. The tour was fullness of surprised .We would like to intro this tour to you,  amazing , lucky for joined.

   As well as tour guide Da Xiong is our tour guide, Fortunately these 2 days is followed his group,Da Xiong  has a  wealth of professional tourism  knowledge, service attitude  sincere, careful driving stability and remind us of the safety of the whole country.He able to using languages Guangdong, English to explain us the  next trip of Sabah  tourism, next time must be led  by Da Xiong again ! 




                                                                                                                          Mourad & Ada Fong